Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Cambridge Exams

Last Saturday, 26th of May, some of our students from year 5 and year 6 participated on a CAMBIDGE ENGLISH EXAMS  in order to improve their level of English.

Some of them could do the exam called MOVERS, and some of them could do the exam called FLYERS.

They had a great experience !! Now it is time to wait for the results!Tic Tac Tic Tac!! 
Good Luck!

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Our 4th graders have been working very hard to promote the village of Palamós. In the videos, our students tell us special places to visit in Palamós!  WE HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Board games

Las week we could play board games in pairs with our 4th graders! Having fun and learning English! That's our goal!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

SPRING POEM, 2nd grade

Today, the children of the 2nd year have learnt a POEM about SPRING in the "hora de lectura". Before, we have remembered: 


Next, they have learnt the SPRING POEM and they have said it (with the actions too) in groups. Enjoy!

Biel, Saul, Sofia, Julià, Sebastian and Blanca: 

Pedro, Yasmina, Tania, Sheila, Marina and Guillem: 

Joel, Izan, Ainhoa, Efran, Eloi and Mansahib:

Norah, Toni, Estela, Alejandro, Daniela and Sofia:

Maria, Laia, Nerea, David and Ivan:

Aura, Carla, Andrea, Enzo and Alan:

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

SPRING POEM, 3rd grade

Today, the children of the 3rd year have learn a POEM about SPRING in the "hora de lectura". Before, we remembered the name of the 4 seasons and we did this activity on the board.

After, these children have said the poem in a loud voice. Here are the 2 videos. Enjoy!

- Adrià and Lucas:

- Martina, Lina, Gemma, Irene and Douaa:

Monday, 23 April 2018



During a whole week, from 19th to 23rd of march of 2018, Vila-romà school celebrated the SCIENCE WEEK, which one commemorated the International Year of the Sustainable Tourism for Development, guided by United Nations and European Union.

Pupils studied new concepts related to sustainable tourism and the animals, using English as a communicative language. The main objective was to implement science contents in English, in order to put into practise the acquitision knowledge of the english teachers during the educational programme of GEP year1 (Generació Plurilingüe) promoted by the Educational Department.

The distribution was:
  • PREPRYMARI --> Antartica
  • 1st grade --> AFRICA
  • 2nd grade --> ASIA
  • 3rd grade -->OCEANIA
  • 4rd grade --> EUROPE
  • 5th grade --> SOUTH AMERICA
  • 6th grade --> NORTH AMERICA

We suggested different activities to enhance four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. One of the activities was to fill an "Animal Research Card"  with the information of the animals of the concret continent.

As a final project, the students could build up their "Animal World Atlas", where we can see a picture of the animals.

Watch it
Click on the picture to see more photos
 and videos.


La setmana del 19 al 23 de Març del 2018, tots els alumnes de l'escola Vila-Romà hem celebrat la setmana de la ciència, que enguany commemorava l'Any Internacional del Turisme Sostenible per al desenvolupament, promogut per part de l'Organització Mundial del Turisme (OMT), les Nacions Unides i la Comissió Europea.

Els alumnes han treballat continguts relacionats amb el TURISME SOSTENIBLE i els ANIMALS mitjançant l'anglès com a llengua vehicular. La intenció era impartir coneixements d'altres matèries en anglès, per tal de dur a terme els coneixements adquirits pels mestres d'anglès durant la formació GEP 1 (Generació Plurilingüe), promogot pel Departament d'Ensenyament.

La distribució dels continents i els cursos ha estat la següent:

  • INFANTIL --> Antartica
  • 1r --> AFRICA
  • 2n --> ASIA
  • 3r --> OCEANIA
  • 4t --> EUROPA
  • 5è --> AMÈRICA DEL SUD

Mitjançant diferentes activitats adequades a l'edat dels alumnes, tothom ha treballat les 4 habilitats d'una llengua, que són escriure, llegir, escoltar i parlar. Una de les activitats proposades era emplenar una "animal research card" amb la informació que han trobat dels animals que han estudiat.

Com a projecte final, hem pogut construir el nostre "animal world atlas", on hem col·locat una fotografia dels animals en el seu hàbitat.

Friday, 20 April 2018


The school has been working very hard in GEPyear 1, (Generació Plurilingüe). Teachers have recieved an education programm to teach contents in English language.

We have worked on science workshoops about MAGNETISM. Here you can see some of the activities done with  6th graders!

Hope you enjoy it!

This is our padlet !

Click on the image 

Click on the picture to see more photos and videos!

Friday, 16 March 2018


For this coming week (19th to 23rd March), the English teachers have prepared some activities related to the "SUSTAINABLE TOURISM & ANIMALS". Every grade is going to study a different continent. And the children will do different activities and will discover amazing facts about the animals that live there!

Children, you can bring books and information to the class so we can have a look!


Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Today the children of the 3rd grade have learnt there are two types of food: HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY. They have done a conceptual map about the food we have learnt during this unit.

Here are some photos of today's work!