Wednesday, 2 May 2018

SPRING POEM, 2nd grade

Today, the children of the 2nd year have learnt a POEM about SPRING in the "hora de lectura". Before, we have remembered: 


Next, they have learnt the SPRING POEM and they have said it (with the actions too) in groups. Enjoy!

Biel, Saul, Sofia, Julià, Sebastian and Blanca: 

Pedro, Yasmina, Tania, Sheila, Marina and Guillem: 

Joel, Izan, Ainhoa, Efran, Eloi and Mansahib:

Norah, Toni, Estela, Alejandro, Daniela and Sofia:

Maria, Laia, Nerea, David and Ivan:

Aura, Carla, Andrea, Enzo and Alan:

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