Thursday, 9 November 2017

Autumn poems

   For Autumn, our students have learnt the following English poems:
- 1st grade --> Down, down
- 2nd grade -->Autumn leaves
- 3rd grade --> Fall leaves
- 4th grade --> Crunchy leaves
- 5th grade --> Good-bye little birds, good-bye!
- 6th grade --> The leaves

   In the English class, the children of the 3rd grade also did an "Autumn spidermap", which is a graphic where appears the vocabulary related to a certain topic. One of our students adapted our "Autumn spidermap" to "Halloween" and he did a great job! You can see it at the top left of the image! Thank you very much Adrià!

If you want to see our poem composition, you will find it at the 1st floor! If not, here you have a picture. 

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