Friday, 3 November 2017

Exchange between two twinned villages: Palamós- Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Last week was a special week for our village and for Vila-romà school, but specially for our 6th grade students. The expected annual exchange became real by the german twinned village and for the first time, a group of foreign students were due to visit us at Vila-romà school.

The oldest students of the school welcomed the german students and afterwards they invited them to visit the school. Then, they got to  know each other by speaking English and asking  personal questions.

Before break time, they all enjoyed a tasteful snack.

After the break, the 6th grade students spoke about interesting places of Palamós and Rheda, and they could also present some Catalan Traditions such as Human Towers, “Els castellers” and a kind of bowling “Bitlles Catalanes”. (

Finally, we demonstrated our ability playing “Bitlles Catalanes” in the playground.  We had a great time together!

Thanks to Anastasia, Arianna, Konstantin, Leo, Leonart, Michael, Elias, Jonah, Paulina, Marta i Özge for sharing this wonderful day with us.

Thanks to l’Associació de Palamós Connecta to make it real.

Thanks to our students for your contribution.

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